by Sharon

Hi there, I’m Sharon

I help small business owners like you maximise their free Google workspace through online courses, tutorials and tips.

As a self-employed VA since 2010, I understand the challenges that you, as a small business owner face – the different hats you have to wear every day, as well as the ongoing pressure to keep up with your emails and admin!

I want to show you that you can have a simple, yet efficient system in place using the free version of Google apps, so let’s ‘Googlify’ your business.

3 things you can do…

“Seriously. You always teach me things that 1. Actually make a difference in my everyday Google life, and 2. Offer unique advice compared to others teaching Google tips. Thank you!”

— Lisa

“Brilliant! I am so glad I found you. I was working on my small business taxes and your sheet is formatted so much better than the one I’m using. Thanks for simplifying Google Sheets. Your video was a joy!”

— Vickie

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