How to create an event in Google Calendar from Gmail

by Sharon

Did you know you can create an event in your Google Calendar without leaving your email? In this short step-by-step tutorial I show you how you can quickly create an event whilst keeping all the relevant information that’s contained in your email in just 2 clicks!

If you prefer to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of this page 🙂

Let’s say you have an email thread where you’ve been trying to arrange a call or meeting with somebody and you’ve now decided on a date/time that suits you both. To add this directly to your calendar, stay in your email and click on the 3 dots at the top of the page (more options) then click Create event

This creates a new event in your Google Calendar and all of the information is copied over from the emails. So, the email subject will be the title of the event (which you will probably want to change), and the content of the emails will be included in the event description. All you have to do is change the date & time to match what’s been agreed. Google will also add the recipients of the email as calendar guests to the event 🙂

Once you’re happy with everything just click Save and choose whether or not you want to send invites to the guests. That’s it, job done 🙂

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