How to find your spam folder in Gmail

by Sharon

If you find that you keep forgetting to check your Spam label (folder) and end up missing emails that could be important, then I hope you’ll find this step-by-step tutorial handy to know! If you prefer to watch the video, scroll down to the end of this post 🙂

Firstly, if you can’t see the Spam label in your menu on the left hand side, then click into More under the top section and Spam will be listed there…

If you have an email in the Spam label that shouldn’t be – click on Report not Spam in the email itself, or click on Not spam at the top of the email, and Google will move the email to the inbox. It will also remember this action in future so “in theory” any emails received from that address should no longer go to your spam label…

You can also set the Spam label to appear in your menu whenever there’s any unread emails in there.

To do that you need to go into your Labels settings. Click on More in the menu on the left, then click Manage Labels

This will open your Settings in the Labels tab. Scroll down to Spam and you have the options to either show, hide or show if unread

If you click on Show, the spam label will always be visible in the menu on the left hand side (without the need to click on More)…

If you click on Hide, it won’t be visible on the menu at all, so you have to click on More each time you want to check it.

If you click on Show if unread, the Spam label will only appear in your menu if there are any unread emails in there – which is quite handy, especially if you know that you’ll keep forgetting to check it yourself. So when an email goes into your Spam label, it will appear in the top section of your left hand side menu and it will have a number next to it so you know how many unread emails are in there…

Choose whichever setting works for you and don’t worry about saving your changes as these are automatically saved.

It’s also worth pointing out that any emails left in your Spam label are automatically deleted after 30 days, so that’s another reason to be on top of it! So now you’ve got no excuse for missing any emails! I hope you found this useful 🙂

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